Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The sky is sniffling...

The sky is sniffling. We have not had all that much rain, nothing like the flooding elsewhere from this system. Our heaviest rain is yet to come over the next 24 hours. At least it's to be almost 60 today.

Heavy cloudcover and misty-drizzle precludes outdoor shots, so these, taken on a living room recliner, will have to do. (Click each photo for detail.)

First, we have an update on the Butterfly Jacket. One front is completed with the second being in the short row increase area. This is really enjoyable to watch take shape.

Yesterday, however, I had a case of startitis.

Being on the Ravelry Armenian knitting list and being a co-moderator, I was overdue to start an Armenian knitting project.

This will be a hat. I'm using J&S shetland 2 ply on 16" size 5 circ to knit first a rolled hem, then a checkerboard from Meg's cat hat example in the book. The main design will be Joyce's 'Knit' design and....not charted but hoped for, an example of the knit stitch on the rest of the patterned area.


yarn elf said...

Gee both look good. do like the colors in the hat-can not wait to see more of the pattern. Armenian is on my must do/need to try list. Vest is coming together and it is nice to have a quick project once in awhile.

Linda said...

Bwahaahaahaahaa!!!! I gave it to someone else!!