Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wearing a Sweater in my Neighborhood

In the early 1950's as a mere peapod, one of the shows I loved was "The Children's Corner" on WDTV. There was a lovely Josie Carey and a puppet master developing his craft with my all time favorite, Daniel. The Puppet master was born in Latrobe,PA, not many miles away and had become a Presbyterian minister. He was born as Fred McFeeley Rogers, but we knew him as "Mr. Rogers".

WDTV was the first and only television station in the Pittsburgh market, owned by Westinghouse, and became KDKA. In the 1960's, the program changed to WQED, Pittsburgh Public Television with the name change of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". It later moved to Canadian public television, then home-based back in Pittsburgh. But the sweater Fred Rogers wore remained on air all those years. It became one of his trademarks. And his mother used to knit him those cardigans from childhood on.

Today would have been Fred Rogers 80th birthday. Yet he's forever with us on PBS reruns. We wear a sweater in my neighborhood, this First Day of Spring and Fred Rogers' birthday.


yarn elf said...

Yes Spring is here and Easter around the corner. Big Smile
Yep wear sweaters in this neighborhood. Have bought the yarn to knit me a special one- Ultra Alpaca Lt from Berroco. Did not know Mr. Rogers came from neighborhood. Many good people from that neck of the woods like you.

Karen said...

When my kids were young and watching Mr. Rogers I used to most enjoy the "factory tours" he would show of how various things were made.

You probably know that he switched to zipper cardigans after he buttoned up a button-on cardigan crooked at the beginning of one of his shows. True to form, he made a lesson out of it about how to cope with mistakes. But after that he switched to zippers.