Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Warming Tuesday

A frosty 21 degree dawn has melted as the sun has warmed us to above 30 now on the way to over 50. We have been below average high temperatures for so long that 50 will seem like a heat wave when it is still below average!

I had to take advantage of the sunshine and the hyacinths by the pond to show the progress on my Armenian hat. It is shown atop Meg and Joyce's "Armenian Knitting". I've knitted the chart Meg used for the checkerboard at the bottom and Joyce's knit/knit stitch patterns for the main hat design. Again, these are Jamieson and Smith 2 ply Shetland yarns.

Oh, and the stitch marker? It's a charm bought on the S.S. Badger at their gift shop last summer as we were crossing Lake Michigan to Retreat 2.75.


Layl said...

what a neat idea for stitch markers! and the hat is coming right along in Nancy colors - grin. Will be waiting to see finished product on that one.

yarn elf said...

Yes so manything for markers, I have seen earwires and beads used also. So I quess if you lose an earring and knit you have a new marker

Do like what I see on the sample and I do like the color combination. Can not wait to see more of that. It makes me want to try Armenian knitting more-Just need more hours in the day for all the must dos.