Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Butterfly

Okay, so rebooting did it in the end....

Easter afternoon the butterfly comes out of its coccoon to see the world after greeting the dawn at a sunrise service. Notice the blue sky and sunshine.

The back...

Tawny just had to get into the act, as did DH's shadow.

Nikki wants to know why anyone would leave a nice warm house for 40 degree sunshine?

The Butterfly Jacket
Wool Gathering #78 March 2008
Lamb's Pride superwash in Blaze, just over 2 skeins
Patons SWS 'Natural Green' trim
#5 and 6 circulars


Layl said...

As always, lovely workmanship and the paris model looked stunning wearing it !!

yarn elf said...

Yes, it looks nice, something to cheer up the maker due to weather not being spring. At least there is green to be seen for a short time.

Linda said...


Penny said...

Just in time post! I am wanting to make the butterfly and add sleeves but did not want to make it out of unspun icelandic again. Good alternative choice, brown sheep!