Friday, March 07, 2008

No Chance for the Frog Pond

We are back from warmer climes where one day it was 82 delicious sunny degrees.

Very blessed on the trip, we were basically behind and ahead of the rain/ice/snow. We did not miss out on the wind, though. The first night just north of Nashville we missed the snow and ice but were in wind....DH was given his sinus attack there. Mine came Sunday outside of Austin in 40 mph gusts. When I could taste the dust, I knew I was in for trouble.

We had good weather in Oklahoma City and the very excellent news that I have been accepted in 2.75 this summer. Linda was so funny. She showed us where we were to sleep and said, "Your invoice is on the pillow." I said, "Uh..." and picked it up for it to be the invoice for camp. Hugging and squealing ensued. She and many other friends will be back there this year.

Tuesday was a wonderful day with Linda and her DH in which we toured the OKC Memorial and Museum. Very emotional. Pictures are on 35mm film which has not yet been developed. That night I sat in on her class and lost my voice without even talking.

Home we are, 13 hours before the rain. We go under winter storm warning at 5 p.m. today.

Now for pictures -----

This is one of the patterns in Pools in the River.

Here we see the inside of the sweater which is less fuzzy than the outside.
And, voici!, we have a finished Pools drying in 40 mph wind on the hood of the car in Austin. It was finished Sunday, March 2nd. Although it was washed in girly teenage girl shampoo and conditioner, it does still have a faint 'petroleum' odor. The yarn is distinctively odoriferous and has plenty of alpaca guard hairs. The label recommends scarves or hats or mittens, but I wouldn't want to use it for scarves or hats. It is easy to knit with and is curiously heather.

What fun to have it displayed in YE's establishment!


yarn elf said...

Glad you are home safe, many thoughts of you and DH on road (kept eye on weather). Wind seems to make everyone unhappy and stirs up a mess.

Glad sweater is finished. It looks nice I noticed the same you have, thought washing would change that. The heather could add to someone like or dislike, Everyone seems to like the heatherd or frosted tone as some call it.

Linda said...

And we enjoyed every minute of your visit!

Layl said...

Given that Alpaca has no guard hairs, then the question is what is it? very poor quality fleece or llama mixed in or ???

Nancy said...

Questionable, but looks a lot like Great Pyr fur and there isn't any of that near the sweater at any time!