Sunday, August 17, 2008

Appalachian apple time

found itself into today's schedule.

Russ had talked about doing the apples tomorrow, but decided it'd be a lot better to do some this afternoon. It gets very tiring to peel the apples, even with the peeler.

In the first picture, Russ has inserted the apple on the peeler.

In this second one, he is peeling the apple. These 'antique' peelers can be bought brand new at numerous places. They make life so much easier than just using the paring knife.
When the bowl of cut apples is full, it goes into the kitchen to be steamed in the pasta cooker for five to seven minutes. Then the apples are cooled and frozen with lemon juice.

The most favorite part of the whole process for Russ is the steamed apple juice which I put into water bottles. He looks forward to the apple juice all year long! ...says it's the best apple juice around anywhere.



Linda said...

We talked about you guys yesterday morning at breakfast - went to Cattlemens Steakhouse at the stockyards. Realized we should have taken you there. Next time!

Has Russ got that bus waxed yet?

yarn elf said...

Russ would make Johnny Applseed proud. A part of fall, saving the harvest for later use. Remember doing that growing up