Wednesday, August 13, 2008


as this August day felt so like early Autumn through noon today are just a few fibrous objects. First is Cowl #3 for the Cowl Jump in Ravelympics. Last night found me much busier on other projects, so just knit a few rows on this. It had to have been feeling lonely since it hadn't been touched in days.

They haven't put up the podium awards for yesterday, so I can't share the award for the moebius cowl.

Last Wednesday after the bus drivers' brekky, we had stopped at a nursery. The variegated butterfly bush, above, was one of the purchases there. It's grown five inches and one of its plumes has bloomed.

Another purchase was this bee balm, Jacob Kline. His flowers were just small buds last Wednesday but are pure hummingbird bait this morning!

And, since we haven't seen the garden in a while, thought these tomatoes might make us hungry! See, even a fly is wishing for over-ripe tomatoes, but no such luck. I pick the fruit long before the fly can sneak even a tiny taste.

We have picked three tomatoes so far from these beefsteak plants. Very yummy. And the smell! There's such a wonderful fragrance to a home grown tomato. Two nights ago we had one sliced with dinner and today we had one sliced on Isaly's chip-chopped ham sandwiches. Waiting on this variety to mature is surely worth it! We'd been getting Early Girl, Early Boy, Centennial, etc. varieties the last few years. Yes, they do produce ripe fruit earlier, but these plants and fruit are just glorious.


yarn elf said...

Nice rich color on Cowl #3. Something to keep you busy a deadline.

Yes beefsteak have been around many years and are worth the wait. Nothing beats the taste of home grown tomatoes.

Linda said...

Oooh - the bee balm is cool!