Friday, August 29, 2008

The Greening of RTB

Round the Bend is growing in its green-ness.

Here at first is the arm stripe. The sleeve is knit from the cuff in garter stitch, upward in stocking stitch until the color stripes back to garter stitch. (I love the changing colors and texture of the apple bark.)

This larger shot shows the process in larger dimension as at the bottom is the stockinette. Then the Ocean blue garter stitch ridge followed by nine Moss green ridges including appropriate increases.
Just the very beginning of the garter stitch ridges with their wraps and turns (short rows) are begun here across the 'yoke'. (Just a few of the morning glories here on the cyclone fence are picking up the blue of the ocean ridge.)

Sleeve #1 is in its entirety here.

The back of the armhole is left on the original 16" circular to be picked up when knitting reaches that stage. The current knitting is on a 24" circular. This yields plenty of maneuverability for the short rows. Ultra Alpaca is very nice to knit with. It appears the fabric will be very drapey, more sweater-like than jacket-like (which is just fine.)

I'm not thrilled with the leaves dropping so early, as seen in the background, but moisture content is now back to average. The sump pump has run only once;so, the ground is absorbing more moisture than creating run-off.


yarn elf said...

WOW I like the colors and working up nice so far.From the way the sleeve appears it looks like you will have more of a sweater. I know the alpaca will make it warm. At least you have not gone around the bend yet.

EZ Knitter said...

Nancy...looking good. You are really needling away on this. I love your color choices and can't wait to see u modeling it. You go girl...I will be right behind you soon.