Saturday, August 02, 2008

In Training

I am for the Summer Knitting Olympics on Ravelry, known as the Ravelympics. You may have seen the link on the right hand side of this blog.

The procedure is to sign up for a team and event(s). Then on the opening of the Olympics, Cast On!

My team? Team Knitting Camp which was started by a fellow camper. And my events? Cowl Jump (3) and Hat Dash (1). The cowls are really neckwarmers/dickeys (2) and a moebius (1) with the Hat Dash being the Dean Cap.

Team Knitting Camp is associating its projects with either EZ or Meg. The neckwarmers are reminiscent of EZ's dickeys (Wool Gathering #40) and may end up with dickey bottoms...untold until the end. The moebius wrap is a Cat Bordhi which comes up under the cowl category on Ravelry but is highly reminiscent of EZ's moebius shawl (Wool Gathering #28). How does the Dean Cap kit, a Bohus kit from Kimmett Kroft who produced the yarn for Wendy Keele's Poems of Color bohus book fit in? I bought the kit from Kimmett Kroft in 2006 at Market Day, Meg's Camp 2.

From the looks of the Cowl Jump, that event could be completed very quickly. That was why I added the Hat dash yesterday. Do I want to sit back on my laurels before the Olympics has put out the torch or do I want to add another project to proceed with lightning speed to the end?

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Linda said...

You're a good little knitter so it wouldn't do me much good to invite you to join me in WIPs Wrestling, would it? I'm competing as a member of Team Okieknitters.

You and the big guy hug each other for me.