Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Early/late morning/night

was had at chez fibernating.

I was determined to finish knitting the moebius cowl before going to bed.

It took until 1:32 AM, but moebius est fini!

The Moebius Cowl is designed by Cat Bordhi. I knit it on #10 circulars -- 48" -- which is (2) 24" cables together from my Boye set. The only time I had any problems with the cables unscrewing was when I was purling two rows from the end and the one needle tip wanted to unscrew from the cable.

The Canyon colorway of the Lion suede yarn is rich and deep. The yarn itself feels strange, sticky...but it feels like suede! (Duh!)

I have the moebius lying on the apple tree branch un-moebius-like so the pic can be clicked upon for detail. It really does wear like a moebius!

This is entry #2 for Team Knitting Camp in Ravelympics. One more cowl and the Bohus Dean Cap in the Hat Dash to go!


yarn elf said...

I understand not wanting to give up, just one more row. The color reminders me of fall which seems to be fast approaching. It is amazing how some yarns feel and look like the name they are named after.

Layl said...

the pattern really shows up, even in suede, which was a surprise to me - very effective - you will get a lot of good wear from this happy Fall apparel addition. very nice. very nice.