Friday, August 15, 2008

Medal and The Dean

The podium presentation for the Moebius Cowl arrived yesterday. From Ravelry we have the following:

Event: Cowl Jump
Tuesday and Wenesday (sic) finishers
Double Medal
Emily1108 Team TKE

Gold Medal
fibernating Team Knitting Camp
madforknit Team Lantern Rouge and Team GB
WannaGarden Team Junkie
skeinqueen7 Team Sundara
jillthereckless Team Robonia
psophia17 Team Canada
FaireAttention Team Western Maryland
Kimberli Team Junkies
burntcupcake Team Cellular Peptide Cake
ME215 Team Junkie
RabbitEars Team KarmaKazies
Emily1108 Team TKE
LAylor13 Team Sundara
fourchette TeamTeam: Germany and Posh Knitters
meanbean Team Stashdown
Kiwa Team Norway

Please accept this Ravatar bouquet from the beautiful Bobettes

and this medal from the head of the International Ravelympic Committee, Adonis Dionysius Bobicus Maximus.

And now please rise for the Ravelry International Anthem.
With your necks suitably warm, you shall have no problem humming along!


And now as for how Bohus Dean Cap, part of the Ravelympics2008 Hat Dash, is coming along as of a few minutes ago:

I am really enjoying watching this hat take shape. (Oh all right, 'enjoying' is incorrect when within a few stitches I am spirited into another time and place.) It isn't the fastest knitting, what with the color changes (4 in one row so far is the most to this point) and with the 'erratic' knit/purl combinations. It's not erratic, just seems so when being used to other textured patterns. This purling emphasizes the colorwork, creating an intriguing technical/mathematical configuration.

Here's a closeup of the preceding photo.


Kim said...

I LOVE the colors and pattern in that hat! I have a bohus sweater (blue shimmer) kit, but I haven't had the chance to get started on it...

yarn elf said...

Yes real nice color, maybe a little slow knitting, but will be worth it when it is done. Will ba a crowd stopper this winter.

Layl said...