Saturday, August 09, 2008

To bring us on a podium closeup

here is the presentation last night for the finishers in the COWL JUMP event on Ravelry:

Event: Cowl Jump
Today’s finishers

Please accept this Ravatar bouquet from the beautiful Bobettes
bluebanana Team Oz
fibernating Team Knitting Camp
jillthereckless Team Robonia
firemanshunny Team Loopy
leoforce)person Team Robonia ( and a Happy Birthday to you! )

and this medal from the head of the International Ravelympic Committee, Adonis Dionysius Bobicus Maximus.

And now please rise for the Ravelry International Anthem.


While I watched the real Olympics last night with its amazing presentations, I was working not on the Bohus Dean Cap started yesterday morning

but on the Elizabeth Zimmermann-reminiscent Moebius 'Cowl' by Cat Bordhi.

The Moebius (that conical copper blob) is much easier to see at night. The Dean has a main and background color of black, as can be seen in the above picture. That black is not easy to follow in dim or electric lighting. I love how the Dean Cap is attractive in the first color rows, but changing two colors 'sparks' it! (Click on any photo to see details!)

With a ground-level 50 degrees and clear sky, the tomatoes waited impatiently for the sun's warmth , but it had been an evening of just excellent sleeping weather! This sky and sun should have brought out the Dean this morning, but I continued on the Moebius until the first skein of Lion Suede ran out. And now, I must run into the stash for the second skein!

This weekend brings us a celebration of EZ, as it would have been her 98th birthday.
Without her and the essence that has been and is Schoolhouse Press, knitting would have taken a back seat to ________ (fill in the blank).


Linda said...


I'm not sure I'll finish any of mine...

Kim said...

Hooray!! I'm still plugging away on my ASJ - I should make it with plenty of time for the Mitten Medley. :-)

Jaya said...

I love the Dean cap. I can't wait to see it finished. The colorwork is the best part.

yarn elf said...

Can not wait to see more of the Dean Cap. Such an excellent blend of colors.

Yes EZ has done much for the knit world and no one will ever fill her shoes, but they can leave their own mark.