Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blessings abound

in this corner of fibernating's world.
This morning at nine was the Blessing of the Buses, the drivers, the mechanics, the owners, the students, and all school-related personnel. The pictures here show the ministers and members of kamit (a concerned parents group who meet to pray for the school process) who participated. Nora related that there is a pair of truly little old ladies who gather on the hill above the bus garage each school morning, watching each bus leave, and praying for each bus' safety.

As the ceremony started with Bible readings and prayers, any one was encouraged to pray aloud extemporaneously. Several did.Lonnie and Bill Moore, the fleet's matriarchal/patriarchal owners,returned home last night from vacation and Lonnie spoke how pleased she is to see this tradition return after a 30 year hiatus.

This third shot shows Scott, a minister who has also driven bus and the husband of Adela's driver, Nora, blessing #72. Here, #72 is representing all busses and vans in the fleet.

We have been blessed with a beautiful day in all ways.

Russ and I continued on to Wal-Mart for his school shopping. It is not always easy to find Wrangler jeans to fit his preferences, but the first two pair he tried fit perfectly! Ah, what a relief! And we found the perfect bar-mop towels and the perfect floor mat for #27 and other excellent items like a hanging spider plant and watches for me and for Russ and even a Hannah Montana pink watch for Lexi next door who lives in the Hannah Montana world these days.

The Dean is coming along well and was worked on while Russ was putting some things in #27 and while the Buick's side mirror was being repaired. One more row and the decreasing begins.

Dean will be medal-worthy soon.


yarn elf said...

Yes back to what would please the founding Fathers, Prayer and God involved in the every day things of life. If you research history you will find God played an important part in the found of this Nation and the way things were set up.

The more I see your Dean the more I like it. Such an nice hat.

So glad DH is getting settled in the new bus. Easier to drive if it feels apart of you.

Linda said...

Sending my warm fuzzies along to #27, her driver and her passengers as well.