Monday, August 25, 2008

School Daze

has begun as of this morning.

This welcome sign was given to Mom with changing dangling signs for the various seasons, but this one is so appropriate for us all this time since a bus driver lives here.

After AM runs, #27 came home for breakfast. She (he?) is now on the first kindergarten run of the year.

I know we said #27 is a 'she' but may be "Dobbin". After a couple of route runs, #27 will tell its name.

The first thing a child notices is the new bus, the shiny grill, chrome wheels. The kids really appreciate the pretty bus. Really. They even sometimes bring their friends over to see what they have called 'the best bus in the fleet'. And that was #66. Now, #27 is the newest and prettiest!

Here is the driver's side.

These new Freightliner C-2's with Thomas built bodies are the 'newest deal.' They are sleeker and taller than the older models. Much larger windshields are a plus for the driver.

#27 sports Michelin tires. Some of the boys may notice them, but their parents definitely will notice.

This bus travels roads that people just wouldn't believe busses (I prefer the 'older' plural of "bus") would travel in rural Western Pennsylvania. #27 is a 72 passenger bus and travels dirt roads and dirt/macadam lane-and-a-half roads where the term 'turkey trail' is reality.

This morning Russ saw a mama deer and her twin fawns who had just lost their spots. Many mornings there are flocks of turkeys and many deer. DH has been advised that at least one black bear has also been seen along his route within the last few weeks.

As the parents are waving goodbye, this is their view. Yes, even a wastebasket with a school bus on it. (There's another in the front of the bus just like it!)

It's going to be a very good year.


Jennifer said...

Awww - how cute! I immediately thought that was on smart looking school bus and then I read the post and found out it truly is the Mercedes of school buses. I hope it's a great school year with lots of children's smiles and laughter.

Margene said...

That is one handsome bus!

Joanne said...

Wow, #27 might just beat out #662, my school bus of yore! :) Mrs. Gelles was my school bus driver for all 13 years of school; she holds a warm place in my heart...

Thanks for your squash thoughts. I'm thinking it might be a kabocha, but we'll just have to wait and see!

yarn elf said...

GG DH is getting up town with this bus. Do hope the kids take pride in her. Another school year starting, where did summer run off to?