Monday, August 04, 2008

Care packages

are the best surprise.

Yarn Elf had emailed that he was sending me a Care Package. No hints as to contents were given except a VBG.

The friendly UPS man brought a very long box today that contained my Pools in the River sweater Yarn Elf had displayed in his old store. But along side that sweater was this beautiful Navajo spindle.

Oh my.

YE remembered that long ago and far away I'd thought about Navajo spinning. For five and a half years I taught on the Navajo reservation in Arizona and had collected several small rugs. The rug shown in the picture is one of those. The fiber is just some of Tawny's that has been harvested the last two days. And the spindle is shown in part.

This care package has reminded/reawakened the need I have to go back to some of my roots to spin and weave. There happens to be some white hoggett plying on the Louet wheel right it's been since last Spring, I'm afraid.

There are several Navajo jokes portrayed in this picture, in case someone might think there's a 'mistake'.

Thank you so very much, Yarn Elf.


yarn elf said...

Your Welcome, Knew it was something that my special friend wanted-may not need. WITH ALL the cares of moving have not had time to read and do some daily things. Hope you tell us some spinning tales in the future,

Layl said...

Hey, lady, it's about time you 'returned to your roots' and joined me in some spin/weave projects. Woman does not live by knitting alone, but by spinning and weaving and washing fleece.... i think that's the way it goes?

Nancy said...

It does go something like that. I need to settle.

Linda said...

What a lovely surprise! But layl - I'll skip the washing fleece part. You're welcome to my share. :)