Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Appreciation and an Update

Many, many thanks to all who wished me birthday greetings yesterday through the email, email lists, blog, Ravelry, mail. This was one of the most fun-filled birthdays in a long while.

Knitting on the seemingly endless stockinette of the guernsey vest has moved on to patterning. (Click to embiggen and then it's really visible what I'm talking about here! Plus, color's better!)

I'm showing the beginning of the fourth row of knit 1 purl 1, reverse next row after 2 sets of purl separated by a row of knit. After the eight rows, I'm planning a row of knit then 2 purl rows. After that will be the separation of the arm scythes.

Right above the Indian corn stitch rows there is a jumble of purl which reads "2008". Traditionally on a guernsey there is a date or initials or a name. And, yes, the two welt sections are different lengths on purpose for better fit.

It's always amazing to me how this colorway changes in different lighting. Inside under artificial fluorescent lighting, the vest looks mostly algae green. Outside in the sunlight it appears mostly grayish blue.

A fuzzy closeup of the new stitches shows better color changes in the yarn and stitches...at least it does on my monitor. This is skein #4.

Until Amy's Pansy Shawl KAL starts October 1, the plan is to work on this and the Round-the-Bend sweater jacket. These projects have all been fun and keep me motivated. The endless stockinette even kept me motivated to get it finished and onto the patterning!


yarn elf said...

Yes mindless knitting can be a bore some days, but then some days we need boring to make us more thankful for the special things of life that come along.

Do like the looks of your vest and should be nice and warm on those cold winter days which are fast approaching.

MaggieB said...

Sometimes stockinette knitting does seem endless... other times it is just right, wonder why.
Happy belated birthday!


late but:

(hear throat clearing) hmmmmm

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday, dear nancy! happy birthday to you!

(curtsy, curtsy)