Monday, September 22, 2008


It's Frodo and Bilbo Baggins birthdays! Frodo is born Sept.22, 2968 and Bilbo is born on 9/22/2890. Guess Sept. 22, 1951 is ancient history!

The Autumnal Equinox was at 11:44 AM.

Join the above with this:

Earlier today, in the dew-covered morning before the fog cloud deck cleared at 2 PM (!) I was reading on Ravelry where another 9/22 knitter, Geoduck, has a three year old daughter who woke up saying the fairies were having a party today, so she went outside searching for fairies. I understand the connection...perhaps I should reread "The Hobbit" today. The fairies will come. (Actually, they're always here.)

Didn't the clouds part magnificently? It may make it into the mid-70's after all. I couldn't have a better Birthday Sky! It's a great day for a fairy party.

Just to share some of the birthday wonders... a link bracelet from Yarn Vixen in Arizona arrived with paw print links and four special ones, "Nancy", "I love knitting" in symbols, a sheep and a Sapphire is on the jean jacket from DH. And the mistakenly sent bulk mail Wool Gathering arrived in the mail.
The bracelet will go wonderfully with....everything! The jean jacket has a long snap closured collar that will be great with scarves and the WG is the best one yet.
...and there's more....

Dinner is the I-refuse-to-grow-up variety. DiGiorno pizza, cake and ice cream. Yummmmmmm.

Email lists and Ravelry have been particularly entertaining today with the September 22 birthday group being raucously exuberant and the SHP-related groups just jumping for joy, and the personal emails of great positive excitement.

Knitting On 2, the guernsey is growing, but more on that tomorrow....


Linda said...

Happy Happy Happy!!

yarn elf said...

Happy Kids Never Grow Up. Ask your DH and he will tell you the same.
A meal fit for the a special day and a special person is just fine.
A party going on over the net and in person--had to be a special day.

Wishes of many more to coome. :)

EZ Knitter said...

Dang I am coming to your house for your birthday from now have good eats!

EZ Knitter said...