Saturday, September 06, 2008

As "Hanna" rides into the Delmarva and her rain is almost to Altoona, we are in the midst of seeing Hanna's clouds building in the East and the backed-up front's clouds building in the West.

This morning was spent in normal stuff then a 'road trip' over the Four Way (SR 56) SSE three miles. DH needed to have his bus jacket changed from #66 to #27 at Tees and Tops.

That shop is in Vandergrift, and I've taken a shot of the banners currently flying on the light poles. Vandergrift was the first planned community. It was planned as the first mill was going to build there but there was no housing and they didn't want the then-typical mill town.

The past few years Vandergrift has been trying to come back from a real slump in the economy. One of the things they've done is to have regional artists create paintings on oversized palettes for street display.

Three of the palettes are shown here near Tees and Tops.

The Casino Theatre renovation has been a huge undertaking by the Vandergrift historical group. It is a lovely old theatre but was in such disrepair a few years ago that it was thought to be next in line for the demolition ball. Now there are concerts by musical groups of the 50's and 60's as well as community happenings.

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yarn elf said...

Sounds like a nice place to visit. What a clever thought snd nice pictures to drive by.So much history has gone by the way of wrecker balls. It would be nice if more home towns took this thought.