Sunday, September 07, 2008

Part of a Prototype

for #27's arm rest covers lies blocking.

#27 has plastic covers that are scratchy and will probably crack quickly in the cold. To help alleviate these problems, Russ has requested arm rest covers. In wool. Thick. I know of no patterns for such, so I'm attempting one in single ply handspun jacob. So far it is just a strip.

The vest has had a few more rows knit. From the left are the garter ridges, Indian corn stitches and in the stockinette under the left arm the date, 2008. Now it is to the point of the 'endless stockinette', as it has been dubbed, until the yoke patterning.

This first shot is in some of the golden rod along the state cyclone fence.Such a graceful 'weed' and so maligned, the golden rod is a harbinger of Fall here. One of the certification courses Russ took for ADOT defined a weed as 'a plant out of place'.

A closeup of the stitches was shot on the yews planted on the north side of the front porch. As such, the light is different but not nearly as striking as last Sunday's yarn picture.


Linda said...

I love that heathery purple yarn!

Wait - purple? On purpose? Are you OK?

Nancy said...

Uh-huh.... it's pale blue/green/yellow in the vest and brown/black in the handspun. But I think I might have same with a purple tone.

EZ Knitter said...

U make me feel like i am standing still....sigh
ok arm rest in for a chair. We use to make them all the time...any doily will do...u pick a pattern and u knit or crochet...block and use.
sigh...maybe when i get back from camp i will be able to forge ahead and get some of the wips moving. Oh yeah..we have a Pansy in the wings. I am buying a Bun of eggplant.

Jane said...

Your vest is going to be gorgeous. Looks soft and rich and I like the look of the variation in stitches. But what is the Indian corn stitch? Not familiar with that one.

Joanne said...

Thanks for your nice thoughts regarding the buttons and jackhammering. I have an enormous button stash so just have to find the right purchases allowed for this! (I do have deer antler but afraid they are too small for the scale of this..alas) And, on the noise front, I do have an ipod but alas, have found that more noise just makes things worse! It's really (if you can imagine it) an intermittent low rumble that shakes the house, clouds the mind, and causes me to become very short tempered. I mostly want to run away; just wish I knew where. Nighttime is ok, right up until about 6 AM. (no kidding.) Then it starts again.

Your comments were wonderful and spot on. Just wish I hadn't tried all that (too small antlers and ipod) first! :) Forgive me if this sounds bad tempered. I can't seem to help it...