Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not Exactly Sundries

are being knit this month. September! Already? It's 'my' month as I am Virgo/Libra cusp, the last rose of Summer as I was told innumerable times.
Perhaps being born in a seasonal warm tone period is why I'm so partial to warm tones. And yet, and yet... this time I'm knitting with cool colors that will be so important come the dreary drab of Winter when all I wish to see is embodied in Spring.

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Round-the-Bend is the first project I wanted to create for my beating-the-Winter-doldrums. It's coming along from the shot on Sunday, although it wasn't worked on yesterday at all as it passed to the Great State of Guernsey. Progress on it is that this garter stitch ridge in celery continues until 11 inches from the desired 'hem'.

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This new project is a guernsey (gansey) vest for the KAL on the Gansey List. This KAL is being led by The Sailing Knitter, Terry, who has been at two of Meg's Knitting Camps I've attended. The main project is to follow Meg's Guernsey Pullover from the Wool Gathering or the corresponding DVD.

It has taken me two years to getting down to knit my guernsey vest. Right before Meg's DVD was issued, I'd started my gansey from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts in red Wendy Guernsey yarn, so utilized the DVD for technical information. Now I'm creating a vest using Meg's patterning and her suggestion in the WG to create a vest, similar to one she created for her daughter Liesl. (Some of the leftover guernsey yarn is being saved for Joyce Williams sock KAL on the SHP site which has been postponed until Spring.)

For this vest I'm using color #30 of the J&S 2 ply jumperweight. This photo is much closer in color to the real yarn.

Yesterday's knitting was on this gansey (either spelling accepted). I got through the garter stitch rides on the back welt, joined the front and back, increased, knit stockinette and have one row of the Indian corn stitch finished, then stockinette, and now starting to knit on the second Indian corn row.

Political conventions and the Olympics have afforded great knitting time this summer.

Here are my favorite flowers this late summer day. I do enjoy the morning glories, and they have figured prominently here. These, though, were part of a seed packet Russ found on his driver's seat one day last year as a 'thank you' for driving school bus from KAMIT, a local parent/community group mentioned previously. Here are my yellows and golds and mahoganies and browns in our 89 degree sunshine.

Back to stirring the pasta pot filled with garden tomatoes cooking down to sauce....

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yarn elf said...

The heatherd tone yarn should make a nice vest to go with much, yet show the design well. Looks nice so far. RTB looks good you have made great progress. The two projects go well together.

Must enjoy the last days of summer and all its glory, as it will soon be gone. G