Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mystery knit (along)

Everyone loves a good mystery.

The Yahoo group Holiday Mystery Gifts is still open for members (both crochet and knit patterns given). It started last year with The Sailing Knitter Terry as one of the moderators and designers. I joined it at the very end after reading about the projects for months on Terry's blog. (Waving wildly --- Hi, Terry!!!)

This year there have been projects posted during the last two weeks of September. But this week began one of the Mystery knits! It's seven days with a clue each day.

Several people thought today's finished clue made the project appear to be a thong! Terry assures us that it isn't!

And, yes, it is lilac! It's (inherited) Brunswick Windrush in Lilac, knit on #5 circular since (1) All my 6's are engaged and (2) Loose knitter that I am, I need a smaller needle for gauge. No color suggested and no picture until the end makes Nancy a curious knitter.

Clue #3 appears shortly before midnight (which is just about when Amy's clue for the Pansy Triangle Shawl is also due to arrive in an inbox near me.)


yarn elf said...

G a good mystery can be fun, Maybe it is an ear flap on a hatm or a strap. But purple! are you all right or should DH be notified?



you shouldn't bad mouth brunswick windrush...i think there may be a ton of it hidden in my craft room!