Friday, September 26, 2008

In Between Seasons

isn't always the most positive attitude time. We've been very lucky to have gorgeous weather since tropical storm Lowell and hurricane Ike made their appearance here. But today? Well, today was cloudy and dreary but dry.

That must mean it's good for digital picture taking.

In between seasons though it is, the morning glories love a good, cloudy day.

The rhododendron is tasting fall on its leaves, even though we haven't been near frost.

This sumac over the fence is glorious in its autumnal radiance. I see fair isle possibilities here. I am also reminded of the wheels of Icelandic unspun on the table in Marshfield, particularly the one appropriately labeled 'sumac'.


yarn elf said...

Fall colors mixed with late summer could make a nice fair isle project. Do like the colors of the sumac.

The storm have hit some strange place this year and the affects felt everwhere.


pictures! i love pictures!!! make lots of fall pictures!!!

i love morning glories but they don't like my clay and dry weather!

looks like the bugs liked the sumac too!! i like that unspun as well!

about the rhodendron...i love that bluish red of the first i thought they were flowers. what is in the middle of the leave...will they berries or flowers or what?