Sunday, September 14, 2008

What happens when...

(Warning: Picture heavy post! Click to embiggen, as always!)

...a big ol' squirrel decides nuts aren't enough for winter stash?

In this case, the squirrel keeps returning and smashes the fruit feeder plus chews through plastic mesh to retrieve all the sunflower seeds.

...after being in near drought we receive 3.2" of rain?

In Case #1 the neighborhood is dotted with mushroom/toadstool clumps.

In Case#2 the pond is filled to the brim.

In Case #3 the garden greens and jalapenos are thriving while another tomato cage and tpost break loose.

In case #4 there are unknown but lacy flowers on the hill.

In Case #5 the old tree that splits the hill property line down its middle but also marks the easement, shows its mossy pride, rain absorption and shelters small creatures.

In Case #6 small branches are still caught in a choke cherry tree, to be dislodged with the next storm.

In Case #7 the witch hazel tree has decided moisture was too late along with shorter daylight and it is time to begin color change.

Here's Case #8 which shows progress on the guernsey vest this week. One evening I did knit some on the RTB while feeling guilty about not knitting on Dobbin's Arm Rest Covers. The second cover was finished late last night. This rain has yielded more knitting time, which right now is a 'very good thing.'


Linda said...

Holy Cow that's a scary rodent! Want to borrow my rat killer?

yarn elf said...

G Fall is next week. Everthing in nature is trying to prepare for the season chage.

Progress is being made I see. I project done and two in progress and looking good.