Friday, September 12, 2008

Prototype #1

is finished. It fits! And we're 'Knitting Onward' toward Prototype #2. With the right amount of 'luck', #2 will also fit and the Prototypes will be complete.

This image is the fitting, followed by a 'Yippee! It fits!' He wanted it on the right arm rest first since it is this arm rest that bothers him the most with its scratching and sticking.

Then I asked Russ to try it out to make sure that it does seem to be what he wanted. He said, "Yes! Where's the second one?" (Just never satisfied!!!)

Now he can tell anyone who might ask that the arm rest is a sheep-to-armrest, similar to a sheep-to-shawl.

Dobbin's Arm Rest Prototype #1
Jacob hand spun from our grrls (Sugar and Sweetheart) in AZ
circular needle by preference and crochet hook for finishing.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

Good Job and do like the color. No way to beat Mother Nature for the color you used. Should wear well also and provide a small cushion for the arm as well.