Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home again

It has been said that I am of my calmest nature when with my most-loved farm animals.

Since I had to sell my sheep when we moved, I have missed them greatly. Although we knew of people having sheep up at Five Points (since sometimes the sheep are in pastures near the road), we discovered that Amy and her family raise sheep in the Dime area.

This is Amy with some of the soon-to-market ewes. They know who loves them.

Amy is a fellow fiber lover with looms and wheels, projects in process and planned.

It's not that the grrls love just their shepherd, they even love new-found friends...

(More tomorrow on our visit!)


Linda said...


yarn elf said...

At least you can visit. Are you allowed to borrow one once in awhile?


like sheepies too!