Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prototype #2

Dobbin's Arm Rest Cover, Prototype #2 is 3/4 finished. After having such a success with #1 yesterday, I spent most my of knitting time last night working on #2, plus some time this morning before The Driver awoke. (Click to embiggen.)

It was such a good morning to sleep in, not just a Saturday, but raining all night. We're caught up in the lateral top of the front that was Hurricane Lowell in the Southwest, but tomorrow it will pull Hurricane Ike in with it. Chicago has gotten over 5 inches of rain and Interstate 90, the Eden, is closed at O'Hare. We've already received 3.15" by 12:30 PM.

Prototype #2 is also handspun from our sheep. It is, however, spun and plied differently from the two yarns used in Prototype #1, so it will be interesting to see how the two behave differently in use.

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yarn elf said...

Looks like # 2 is coming along fine. Be ntresting to see which does what,

That much rain in not good as it might cause some problems. But then we have no control. Stay dry as possible.