Monday, November 10, 2008

...and the season is?

The knitting goes on and will be updated tomorrow!

There were no leaf-peeping or park walks this weekend. The leaves are 95% down and blowing around while the temperature plunged from 73 on Friday to 38 today.

The blurry birdie hopping around the backyard leaves is one of four juncos who migrated in over the weekend. I know it was just this weekend because they make themselves at home constantly at the bird feeders while they are our most frequent snowbirds.

What season is it?

The sign in the zygotcactus says it's a Christmas Cactus. Much more like Thanksgiving Cactus, it seems.

And, to answer a request from Yarn Elf, who had asked about the Norfolk Island pine tree that I featured here last Christmas, the Norfolk pine is enjoying itself and grew sufficiently to be transplanted this past year!

Starting the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating will commence with this pine part of a vignette, as last year.

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yarn elf said...

So glad it has grown and looks great. I gave my Christmas Cactus away because it was so hugh when downsized, at least I can look at yours.

Weather is not strolling weather, must move fast to keep warm.
Blowing leaves beats blowing snow I think.