Monday, November 17, 2008

A Prezzie from Bobbi!

Look what came in today's mail!

It's a present from Bobbi for winning a contest on her blog.

Several weeks ago Bobbi showed a picture out an airplane window and asked her blog readers to guess where they were flying for a college weekend visit for her daughter.

I guessed Louisiana since they enjoy vacationing there, it's a whole lot warmer than the Midwest and it is closer than The Netherlands.

I was correct!

So, Bobbi sent me a couple Louisiana mementos -- a Fleur-de-lis pen and pad plus some Bananas Foster chips. Haven't had those since Ainslee brought some of them back from a visit to her New Orleans home!

Thank You, Bobbi!


Bobbi said...

Wow...they got there quick!
Glad you liked the little prize. Congrats.

yarn elf said...

Sometimes it pays to remember little things. HAve you tried counting the sheep for the Interweave Contest?