Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyone loves a mystery.

Here's a new mystery, Mystery #3 from the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group.

No, I didn't do number 2.

And, actually, I know what this one is since the daily postings were last week.

Does the Red Heart yarn in Berry look familiar, YE and YV? Several years ago Yarn Vixen was excited about this color of Red Heart yarn that came into the Yarn Elf Workshop, the land of Elven adventures. This skein of variegated 'berry' yarn showed up on my doorstop. The orange is some inherited Red Heart that exactly matches the orange in 'berry'. How did that happen? 16" #8 Susan Bates circular needle is being used for this project.

Stay tuned for Clue #2 soon!

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yarn elf said...

Yes I remember that yarn, in fact it went out the door last week for a lap robe for someones Christmas and more on the shelf. Does work up nice. That should make a one of a kind projectfor someone special.

This project should brighten your day.