Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Autumn's Last Hurrah

is joining the chorus for the importance of voting today, here in the United States of America.
Our voting precinct votes at the community building. There was a goodly line inside the building. I kept saying (loudly enough for reactions) how pleased I was that there was a line. The poll workers were pleased the line moved efficiently as we had an extra machine and they were all working. I did tell how I'd hoped for a line outside so I could take a picture and blog it...they said to wait till 6 PM, then they expected a very long line. We don't have early voting here, so that was not an option.

After voting, Russ wanted me to see an area of still-beautiful leaves along a route he used to run to pick up Ellie for kindergarten. In just one 'holler' the trees were in their glory as you can see here.

These shots are toward Salina and all were within a quarter mile of one another.

Not only are there hurrahs that the political commercials will be morphing into Christmas advertisements, but we're expecting a rain/snow mix this weekend to replace "Indian Summer" 68-70 temperatures we are enjoying now.


yarn elf said...

Voting, hsving a say is a gift that should not be taken lightly. As the nation saw the most voices wins.

Such a sight to behold, all the nice red, orange, and gold tones along with blue and brown could inspire an artist, but never can beat the work of mother nature.

Linda said...

I am *so* glad it's over.

It was wonderful to vote this time *for* a Presidential candidate instead of against one!