Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Promise Is

is promise fulfilled.
Yesterday I promised knitting content today.
Looking back over blog posts yesterday, I realized that it has been two weeks since knitting was here. Seems unbelieveable since I knit nearly every night.
After Karen on Long Island had teased me about having only a few WIPs and I got out the brown second sock, I have been working on it. Just about another inch and a quarter of stockinette looms until the toe decreasing. I switched off the double points and onto two size 0 circs for this section to go faster. Two weeks ago there was just a cuff!

Pansy is coming along, also. She's spred out on the back of the couch to show that I really am on the left wing. The curve is able to be seen, too. I'd planned on taking her outside by the front sidewalk for a dual pansy shot, but it wouldn't show how she is developing. As lace, she won't really be in her glory until she is blocked.
Of course either of these shots can be clicked upon for closeup views.
Tomorrow's plan is a mystery.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

At least your toes will stay warm this winter as you have been finishing socks and no second sock sydrome.

Ah yes, the left wing which has been the subject of many unspoken comments. It is looking nice. Might be able to thrown it over the shoulders on those cool days as you knit away.

That leaves the unfished Christmas gift to be seen on your blog along with RTB. Yes as many of us have WIP.