Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tawny Says, "Now!"

When we first started taking Tawny to the park on Sunday afternoons, he was very shy about everything after the puttin'-on-th'-leash bit.

Things surely have changed.

Immediately when we got back from Russ getting his flu shot, I let Tawny in. The standard procedure is to go get a treat. We did that, but Tawny got on my right side instead of my left, stuck his long nose around the corner and rattled the leash. He has never done that before. Then Tawny was unhappy with Russ taking his nap, but was good until...Russ got up and asked if I was finished making his chocolate pudding yet so we could go to the park. Tawny's ears went up..."PARK!?" and he ran over to the cellarway door.

He was so excited to be going to his park! Up and down the two stairs from the pantry to the outside door! He could hardly stand the excitement as we went out to the truck. A prancey puppy he was indeed.

So many of the leaves have fallen. The morning's hazy sunshine dimmed to a solid cloud bank as we walked around the entire lake today. Look at these patches of lichens on this tree, always on the North side.

I had to take this cross the lake photo, which is the same spot as two weeks ago. This was actually close to where the blue heron was those two weeks. The heron wasn't on the lakeshore this afternoon.

Quite a few weeping willows have been planted along this part of the shore. Each week I've been talking about the bridge waayyyy in the distance on across the lake lengthwise shots. Here's the bridge close up.

Today the geese were on the end of the park lake where fishermen and children were casting their lines. And a new Sunday afternoon bird was present, a swan.

The swan glided the length of the lake and then through the gaggle of Canadian geese. The geese paid no attention. The the swan started back up the lake with some of the geese following.

This was the first time we walked the entire 1.1 mile trail. It was very pleasant in my sweatshirt with the temperature cooling a few degrees as the clouds thickened. Russ said it got a bit cool in his long sleeved cotton shirt!

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Layl said...

doggies get bored loafing around home all the time, just like people. and he has expanded his vocabulary with "Park". he will love even the blustery damp days and the mile is a good distance for the people too.

Joanne said...

What a wonderful dog story! I am missing my dog guys and really appreciate this vicarious romp in the park with yours!

Thanks so much for the cheering comments on my blog and kind thoughts in my new nephew's direction. It's very up and down around here and I appreciate your support!

yarn elf said...

Totaly agree, wish there was a place this nice to walk around here. The changes from week to week make it a nice place to visit and a walk is good for all.

Linda said...

We're just going to have to get up that way one of these days. It looks so pretty!