Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue as, green as, gold as...

a steeking Guernsey! The camera can never decide what color this yarn is, regardless of light conditions.

The hearth, next to one of my spinning wheels is a comfy spot for Guernsey this afternoon. She's getting a little chilly now that her steeks are, well, they're being separated. Not the one you see on the right arm or the left arm. Those two are still intact. I thought perhaps a back shot of the patterning there would be a mite intriguing. (Click on any shot for a closer look.)

Turn around for another shot and...there's a front cut open! I know, when did Guernsey last appear here? It was before the 3-needle bind off shoulder seams and certainly before cutting the two front steeks, one up the middle and one for the neckline.

I hope you can see that in this third picture I am knitting up stitches on the front left. Not picking up, but knitting up at a two to three ratio so that there will be a nice garter bump as the base for the garter stitch button band.


yarn elf said...

WOW It has come along way and sure looks nice. It should be an eye catcher as well as keep you warm.
Such a nice job on you project. Do like that mystery yarn-what color is is, no wait , no wait.

Linda said...

Very Nice!

Layl said...

i have no clue what processes your talking about for most of it, but it is nice to look at, at any rate.