Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Because

it's snowing and just because wind chill has been 4-12 degrees... does not mean that our squirrel has hibernated. She/he is here every day for bird seed sustenance.

Today's snow has been training over us for over an hour and has laid down an inch of snow. DH said it was dry less than a quarter mile away while it has been piling up on all surfaces here.

Oh! Sun's coming out!


Linda said...


YES said...

I don't know. That squirrel lookes like it's working to hard for a sparing meal. Now if I were you or if you were me I'd leave some on purpose. Just a little.

Layl said...

a nice ear of corn lying up out of the snow would be nice for him & occupy his day a bit getting the kernels off one at a time. he looks like a fine fellow indeed.

yarn elf said...

At least he offers a bright spot in the day. Must be hungry to brave the snow. Feed the poor soul.