Thursday, November 06, 2008

When Autumn Leaves

are plowed under, the garden is in Winter mode.

Brian brought the Gravely over tonight to rototill the garden. Last weekend Russ had spread the compost pile. Today one of my projects was to rake the yard leaves for the compost pile and the garden. We are expecting the storm front in tomorrow night which will bring us rain and colder temperatures, so today was the last chance to get these jobs done. The leaves compost in the garden over the winter. The compost pile builds over the Winter to be ready for spreading in the Spring before the Spring plowing. Brian is always amazed at out garden spot. He says he hasn't seen ground anything like it around here. Black gold, he says; for, it not only is black soil but also fine, not full of the clay and shale underneath.

It was 71, clear sunny skies, no breeze today. What a marvelous November day! We are expecting highs in the 40's starting Saturday. Thank Goodness we are not expecting the blizzard out of this storm that is currently ravaging the Dakotas.

Here is a closeup of the Gravely in action. That old machine really beats up the operator, but old Graveleys are the most wonderful pieces of equipment. They are heavy (made from cast iron), steady, and true workhorses, even better than the Energizer bunny.

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yarn elf said...

Compost will make a big difference in any ground, could get a few fishing worms to throw in also.

Sounds like Saturday might be the day to stay in and work on a project. Do enjoy the Indian Summer while you can.