Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bogged Down No More

We're taking off for a spin around the area... that's what this strange shot of Pansy is reminging me of, flight.

This is the Pansy shawl, the SHP KAL as of a few minutes ago. Since the weather isn't particularly accommodating outside, I had to come up with a picture which would indicate some progress since the last Pansy post. (No, not the last 'pansy post' of pansies in the snow this past Sunday, but the Pansy progress of last Tuesday!) Russ came up with the idea of showing her with the white fireplace behind, but attaching her took a bit of careful consideration.

When last we met Pansy, she was coming along OK, albeit slowly. I was bogged down with my big projects. For a while I was knitting on both Sock#2 and Pansy. Then sock was finished and I still felt bogged down in the three big projects resting on the couch -- the Round The Bend, the Guernsey vest and Pansy. So I worked through the Mystery #3 project of the last week.

I hadn't felt so much relief and knitterly anticipation in a long while as I did upon finishing the hoodie and immediately sat down with Pansy. It felt so-o-o good knitting her again and knit about 12 rows in a seemingly short period of knitting time! Then last night I sat with her and knit a whole lot more! Each row is getting shorter on this left wing, so progress is faster, that's true. Knitting cabin fever has broken!

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yarn elf said...

WOW Sure is coming along nice. Sometime big big and fine projects take longer to see any end in sight. At least you are on getting smaller now. That will leave only two big projects to work on. So what is your next midless project to mix in?