Monday, November 17, 2008

What happened? Will It

really snow like they're now predicting?

Last night I watched all three late news' local forecasts. It had already been snowing for 24 hours. We already had about an inch, which was definitely more than the flurries predicted. At midnight I went outside to find the temperature had gone up two degrees and it was raining. There had been no indication of that happening on any of the radars or Weatherbug reports.

Rain has turned back to snow and continues. I retrieved two of the snow shovels from the garage and the Ice Melt from the cellar this morning before breakfast. Now we are under a Winter Weather Advisory to start at noon today and to go until 6 PM tomorrow.

Will our Mystery be finished by then?

This shot shows Clue #6 of 7 clues, taken this morning. (Click for detail!)


yarn elf said...

Such an intresting project, An does look bright against the snow. Mother Nature is going to do her thing, and I hope it moves out quickly for you and your DH.

Linda said...

That's a funny looking thing. Can't wait to see what it winds up being.

We were 42 with a howling wind Saturday, then 71 and calm yesterday. Today - low 60s and pleasant. Oklahoma in the fall - gotta love it.