Saturday, November 15, 2008

Four for four

Four days in a row of blogging and on to Clue #4 of the mystery!

Unpredicted glorious blue skies for a few hours yesterday brought excellent photo opportunities! Predicted had been cloud cover but in the low 60's. What happened was that the two storm separated just a bit more than foreseen and we were in a wedge of clear skies. Watching the visible satellite, each storm continued moving from southwest to northeast but the more Easterly storm sped up just enough for human happiness to result.

The daisy has been happily waving in the Ides of November weather. Yes, I was hunkered down to snap the picture...I do wonder what anyone would have thought, had I been seen in that position! Leaves are fallen except for the old white lilac, honeysuckle and a few mock orange leaves of the hedge. Just look at that sky! And the high was 67. It was a glorious afternoon. 50 and rain this morning brings on the storm front of dropping temperatures and snow flurries tonight.

Clue #4 took a breather from the couch into the Anglo Autumn warmth. Without breaking the yarn, each side has stitches bound off for an extended period of stockinette. It gets 'curiouser and curiouser' how variegated yarn patterns throughout a piece depending on number of stitches, needle size, tension and length of color sections. Just looking at the shape so far, what do you suppose this could be? There were some intriguing guesses on the list, especially from knitters' husbands. (I will leave that thought to the imagination.)


Linda said...

Somehow I suspect my guess was pretty close to the knitters' husbands....

yarn elf said...

Don't you love surprise. Yes it is knitting up in an unsual way. I am sure you may not want to now some of the guesses either.

Yes enjoy the nice weather while you can, the daisy has not given up yet.