Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming out of Hibernation

are the brown Trekking (XXL) color 183 socks that were started last October. The first one was cast on 10/12/07 and finished 12/30/07 with its mate cast on 12/30/07, supposedly to prevent the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome).

By casting on the second one immediately I did prevent that problem, but by then I was bored with the brown color and wanted something brighter. The project went into hibernation and into the antique trunk that was one of the ones immigrating from Sweden about 1905 with my paternal grandfather, then was a tool chest in the garage for decades before Russ restored it. Until then, I had no idea the chest wasn't black.

This morning, Karen on LI teased me about having only 4 WIP's on my Ravelry project page. Immediately I was reminded of these socks. Out of the oak chest they came to be newly photographed to resuscitate them.

While in the photo mode, I also took the Pansy outside in the sunny but cool air for an update. The background in this shot is simply the angle of the sun on the grass. Here we had no accumulating precipitation from the mammoth storm. It has been something like 750 miles across.

Pansy is just starting on the Left Wing. We won't talk about my misreading last night and adding stitches I didn't need to add during last night's political infomercial. OK?


Layl said...

scooting right along as usual on projects. the bordeaux color is indeed as pretty as envisioned.

yarn elf said...

G At least it is not another purple sock. Maybe you will find time to finish the mate.

The shawl is sure coming along nice. Sure will keep you warm this winter.

Only four wip, I do not want to think of how many I have.