Saturday, October 18, 2008

1 Day Past Peak

is what we decided the leaves were out Dime way. Russ said that Thursday and Friday the leaves were still on all the trees and were magnificent. Today, after the front went through yesterday, much of the earliest color was now grounded. (CLick on any picture for closeup.)

This first view is a one week update from one of last Saturday's photos. I still wanted the cows in the pasture, but the grrls were just coming out of their barn from milking when we passed.

I simply turned around from the pasture and this was what had been behind me! Not too bad a scene in itself.

Up on Ridge Road are these trees in a lovely yard. A leaf carpet can be wonderful to play in and to mulch, but can't say much for it otherwise!

We stopped to get eggs from Kota's family. While stopped and talking with his dad, I looked up to see this oak cathedral overhead. It reminded me so much of being in the back seat of the '55 Buick Special and all the trees looked like this from my child's perspective.

Does this scene also look familiar? On Airport Road, this is a one week update from last Saturday.

The barn remnants of the (now an industrial park) Park's family dairy farm, Farmers Delight Dairy, glow amongst the foliage.

One of the least known but highest architectural local monuments to John Augustus Roebling of Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge fame, is the Hyde Park pedestrian bridge connecting Hyde Park to Leechburg. See this newspaper story written recently.

Back home again we are to the maples still just turning while the witch hazel's leaves are raining down to cover all below.

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Denise said...

Can those pictures be any more beautiful!!!!