Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mystery knit (along) Clue #6

Yes, I know what this is.

Clue #6 was finally knit tonight.

I was too irritated/angry last night to knit it.


Before I could even download the last two clues, someone had started a thread about what it was...and put what it was in the subject line so that I couldn't help but see what it is.

Takes all the fun out of it.


yarn elf said...

Life is full of mysteries and this is one is a good one, It is kind of like Christmas, part of the fun is guessing what is in the package. Looking nice and a very inresting shape.

N. Maria said...

Yeah, it was hard to finish the very fun mystery after that. I did, however, have to frog back a bit so it would fit my longer foot.
I have some ideas to do it in the round.
It's still cute...:)