Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Updating Guernsey

All this mystery talk with no update on other larger projects that are either growing or starting to growl for their fair share of blog time is about to end right now.

While I was knitting each clue of the "Snuggle Slipper" (doesn't have an official name yet), I would knit on the guernsey at night, most nights. The guernsey is knitted at 8 stitches to the inch in the J&S 2 ply jumperweight, so it is far from a quick project. I am also knitting the vest at a smaller gauge than Meg knit Liesl's vest. She used quebecoise wool (like I used in the Mimbres.) As a result, I needed to add another pattern to the yoke. The pattern I added was my own, but I am sure that it is in some reference. I have just changed from a 40" to a 24" circular needle with the neck shaping gobbling up two stitches every other row for a while here.

In the above shot, I am showing the vest on the park bench by the pond with the galardias in the background for some sense of perspective.

And here's a close up of the stitch patterning on the yoke. I am on the last 'regularly scheduled' pattern, but will need to knit either more than the three sets of diamonds used in the original guernsey pullover, or add another pattern to the mix.

The last time I blogged this vest, the "V" pattern was being worked.

Colors will be changing very quickly now in the outdoor pictures. We had our first patchy frost this morning. At the house here we didn't have frost on the ground or on some of the roofs, like the well or the little roof over the garage door. There was some frost on the garage itself and on parts of neighborhood house roofs. It wasn't the heat escaping kind of patchy frost on roofs, but rather how close to trees and what direction the roof faces. The official low here at the house was a calm, clear 39. Even at this temperature, Russ' pickup had ice on the windshield this morning. There were yards on part of Russ' route that had totally white lawns. Temperature is only one contributing factor to frozen precipitation.

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yarn elf said...

WOW Do like the looks of this vest and it sounds like it will be finished at the right time-frost on the pumpkin patch.

Is is great you can do your own thing when you knit. Some have no thoughts on how to change or make a pattern to work for them.