Sunday, October 12, 2008

Walkin' th' Dog

Another Sunday walk in the park.

All these colors at once along the trail as Tawny investigates and Russ enjoys the 77 degree early afternoon.

Shooting across the lake, much like a picture from last week, there is not even a hint of a breeze. Geese are heard nearby...

There are some geese...see, right through the leaves? All pictures are clickable to 'embiggen', as always.

Here, looking from just down from the breastwork of the dam toward the boat dock and bridge at other end, there are a few ducks and geese nearby. Even a few bull rushes prefer this narrow stretch of boggy ground.

Milkweed and wild currants and blackberries glisten in this open space between the trail and the lake.

Nearing the parking lot, Russ spots a dew-covered daisy (at 1 PM!)

Back at the parking lot, looking at the bridge which carries vehicles and pedestrians and 'doglinks', there are a fisherman and a picnicking family behind me. The fisherman had caught 'only two little bass', but two are better than none!

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yarn elf said...

Warm there than AZ on Sunday. Nice weather for a walk, and so much to see and discover and next time it will be different. That is why Mother Nature is so wonderful this time of the year. Love the mis of fall and summer colors.