Saturday, October 11, 2008

Color Gazing

Yesterday and today were perfect Fall color gazing days.

Yesterday the camera was at the ready to capture a honeybee on the galardia by the pond. I know I have featured these flowers here, but I love them and they won't be here after a killing frost.

For once I actually walked over to the township office across the creek to pay the water bill. Along the way is a small bridge crossing that creek over which is Rt.356. Your eyes are not deceiving you, this bridge was built in 1930.

Today Russ and I went color gazing and fuel tank filling. (We found regular at $3.19 but while we were at the grocery store, the pumps outside were being filled by the tanker truck and the price there had been $3.29 when we went into the store but was $3.23 when we left!)

The best color gazing in the area right now is along one of Russ' bus routes, so all these leaf pictures are from along roads he drives daily. All pictures are clickable.

We are not at color change peak yet. That should be next weekend, though a storm the middle of the week may hurt the beauty.

Many say Vermont has the best Fall color. Some say Wisconsin has the best. In a good color year, Pennsylvania rivals any state in the color department.


Where fibers meet mud said...

Beautiful Fall color. The SW Ohio Valley will have little color due to Ike and the fry weather so I really enjoy your photos. Having lived in the NE section of Ohio I agree with your PA sentiments.

Linda said...

We're just starting to see change here, and won't peak for about a month yet. It looks gorgeous there!

yarn elf said...

Ah the beauty of fall, with the lastest cold snap maybe some of ours will change.