Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pansying and Guernsey Buttons

lying in the sunshine....

It's about time to give a Pansy update.

Section 1, the Right Wing, is completed. Up at the top on the needles are three rows of increase section, the Back. (Click on pic to embiggen!)

Last night I was "just a-knittin' along", but there was this little nagging feeling each time I was increasing the knitting stitches by three at the end of the odd numbered rows. I was increasing from 7 to 10 to 13 to 16, etc. There was this stockinette "V" developing. It was a very nice stockinette wedge that was grounding the miniature leaf pattern. The increasing was half completed. But it just didn't seem right.

OK, so I read the instructions yet again for at least the twentieth time. Oops. Nagging feeling was right as always. Frogged back to last row of Right Wing and knit 3 rows before trudging up the stairs to bed.

The buttons I ordered from KnitPicks on their sale through the end of the month came today. The plan is to use them on the Guernsey Vest. So, here are 4 of them on the vest, hanging out on the backyard park bench in the sunlight. What do you think? (Click to really see them!)


yarn elf said...

The buttons seem to follow the heathered yarn tone should be a nice finishing touch They should also bring out some of the same color tone in the yarn.

Shawl is coming along well. Nice contrast with the green grass to bring the wonderful color of your shawl. At least in the frogging stage you did not have a lace pattern to keep straight. When there is something wrong or think so it is time to walk away.

Linda said...

I think they're gorgeous!

Of course I'm a little prejudiced towards that lovely multi colored laminate KP uses...