Sunday, October 19, 2008

When Autumn Leaves start to Fall

not all the trees are even changing color yet.

Russ has been really surprised this year as we've been documenting the changing season, to realize that here, this year, the trees are changing slowly and yet every day differences are apparent. He remembers the leaves seeming to change all at once when he was growing up in Wisconsin.

Tawny just enjoys all the new smells every week. And he was so excited to go for his park walk today that he was "just a-dancin'". Here Tawny is watching one of the walkers along the trail who seemed like a good person with whom to play but who just gave him a hand signal of greetings and continued on down the trail.

Here's a comparison with last week's colors including the boat house, a flock of geese and the bridge in the background.

As the leaf canopy rains down, the under layers start to turn color. A first more general and still patchy frost over night with a low of 30 brought many leaves down in the early morning.

Mallard pairs are enjoying the day. They did not come for any bread, but I was within 5 feet of them here.

The Great Blue Heron is back this week in the same spot as two weeks ago. Click on the picture, then look about half way down and you'll see it.

Again a comparison from two weeks ago of the same view over the lake.

One of the old country roads held this wonderful surprise for us today as it's like driving through jewels entering Northmoreland Park.

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yarn elf said...

Such beauty and this is a good time to enjoy the outdoors. Not sure about the winter season except maybe a place to make snow angels, or maybe ice skating?
Reminds me of parts of Arizona which is not all desert.