Friday, October 03, 2008

Busy week

OK, so several days ago I was going to do a project update, and then things got wonky on that idea.

What happened was I found that Mason Dixon Knitting song. And was working on this Mystery Project #1. And was working on the guernsey vest. And was staring at the shawl. (pant, pant!)
This first picture is a completed Clue #3.

Clue #4 still isn't yielding much in the direction of a definite project title, is it?

Sheep is really curious, too.

(Just what is that prominence along with the icord at the end???)

Clue #5 of 7 is right here.

No, still no clue as to what it will become!

The yarn really photographs differently in different lighting conditions. The last photo was under artificial light just after sundown. Originally the clue looked very blue! No, it's lilac! Still.

What else have I been up to? Techie stuff! Love techie stuff. It's that mechanical proclivity coursing through my veins. Oh, all right, it's not tough programming. It's setting up this computer to chat in Yahoo along with an older web cam we'd been given by daughter Robyn for Christmas 2 years ago or so that was never used. And now these knitting groupies (Hi, All!) and I are having conference chats with web cams and hoping for sound to go with for the whole group. See, not the hardest task, but it's fun for right now!


Layl said...

it's sock.

Layl said...

it's a sock