Monday, October 13, 2008

When's Leif Erickson Day?

Here in SW PA, Columbus Day is a Very Big Deal. Pittsburgh has one of the largest Columbus Day parades. We used to always get the day off school. Italian flags ruled the airways.

I always made sure I wore my Swedish colors as schools sang Columbus' praises and asked, "When's Leif Erickson Day?"
Hey, Leif was on the continental U.S.
Columbus wasn't.
(Teachers looked abashed and laughed as though embarrassed, never telling me it was an uncelebrated-here October 9.)

What happens after a walk in the park on a perfect October weekend after which is predicted two weeks of temperatures falling precipitously?

Dog bath!

Nothing like a wet dog to brighten the afternoon LOL.

And how about a Pansy Shawl update? She's further along now, but her right wing is a fledgling. As she's knitting up considerably smaller than the garter stitch swatch, there appears to be a need to extend her diamond rows beyond expectations.


yarn elf said...

Yes, history is who writes the book. The Indians found a way here before him, so did he find a new nation like some claim?

Yes AZ had a big weather change and will swing the other way toward week's end.

The shawl is coming along great, I think blocking will bring out more of the openess that will create the effect you want.

Jennifer said...

We grew up with a Leif Erikson park in my hometown - so you brought back many great memories. I knew who he was long before I knew "in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue". And what about Vasco de Gama? and the other great explorers?