Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Catching Up Time

As a reader and when working in the journalism field, I hated it when follow up stories 'left me hanging' without a conclusion.

At 12:45 today this crew was working out in the street.

This is what they were repairing. Two rather gigantic potholes. These were reported as 'rim busters' by at least seven voters on Primary Election Day. That was April 22, 2008. (Think maybe someone wants to be reelected? Harumph.)

They didn't fix my driveway the plow driver tore up last winter.

I really did plant the pansies!

It's strange how a whole tree won't change color at once or from top to bottom. This maple across the street changes color in patches!


Linda said...

We've got two trees in the back yard that are the same kind, bought at the same place, planted at the same time. One of them is always about two weeks ahead (or behind, depending on where you're standing) the other. Weird...

yarn elf said...

Same here with the trees along my street, those in the sun or that get more of it stay green longer, than those shaded by buldings.

Our Goverment seem to have a slow speed, they will probally fix it just in time to tear it up again.