Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for Fibernating

is here.

The weather prognosticators were right this week when they predicted rain, wind (up to 40 mph sustained for 30 hours)and a variety of frozen particles. They didn't predict the 12 hour water main break and lack of water Monday from 3PM to Tuesday 3 AM.

Looking across a neighbor's driveway, here are this morning's flurries. Much as I don't want to see them, they are better than last night's sleet and ice pellets. If you're hungry for the white stuff, click on picture to enlarge and become enmeshed in white.

The flurries don't show up much against these trees on the northeast side of the house.

So, what does Fibernating do in this mess?
She goes into her new stack of reading.
Friend Gwen sent me this pattern a few weeks ago, which I have been amiss to post. Aren't those alpaca socks the cutest? On a day like today, the merest hint of alpaca socks is more than a little comforting.

After seeing in the Ravelry Book Club group that they were reading this book, I ordered the 3 book set. They've been a long time in coming and they still haven't found one of the three, even though stated they were all available. 13th century Wales is pulling me into its web.

On Monday the mailbox contained this fabulous book. It's M'Lou Baber's Double Knitting which I had preordered at 2.75 and for which M'Lou had signed a book plate. I thought it would be difficult to top the beauty of The Opinionated Knitter, but M'Lou and SHP have created one of the most gorgeous books I have ever seen.

And yesterday what did the mail box hold but a surprise envelope from Cathy! She had been up in Madison and found this new magazine, "Knitcircus". I had seen it via Ravelry blogged about and available online, but the print copy is much nicer. Glossy paper. Tasteful advertisements. Beautiful layouts and charts.

Thank you.

Time to go fibernate now.

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yarn elf said...

White Stuff? It is to early for that but do like the way you found to deal with it. The socks look intresting as well as the other reading material. Alpaca would make a warm sock. Hopefully something warm bubbling on the store also.